About Us 

The Teignmouth Thunderbirds Club ethos is: have fun, meet friends, get fit, play netball. 
We believe in enabling a friendly, safe environment for professionally organised netball.  Our committee members are experienced players, coaches and umpires, many of us have been members of a variety of netball clubs in the past and spotted things we'd like to do differently as follows:
  • We'd like to introduce more women to netball thereby growing sport participation
  • We'd like to create opportunities for adult women to continue to play competitive netball as long as they wish, we will never discriminate on age
  • We will always use professionally trained coaches for our Club sessions and will actively discourage 'friendly advice' from those who are unqualified at our Club 
  • We will adhere to the England Netball Coaches Code of Practice and other guidelines
  • We will always inform players who are England Netball affiliated with our Club of the costs and their choices - they can play with as many Clubs as they wish but may encounter league restrictions if playing for more than one team per league
  • We will never make people feel pressured or 'disloyal' for their own personal choices to join another Team or Club outside of TBirds